601 Van Ness Ave San Francisco Parking
601 Van Ness Ave

San Francisco, CA, 94102
Opera Plaza
City Park


The height clearance at this garage is 6 feet, 6 inches.

The opera plaza parking garage is a secure, covered 24 hour garage in a great location just blocks from the Opera House, Performing Arts Center, City Hall, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Federal Buildings, U.C. Hastings, and Landmark Theaters. Please note that the entrance to the parking lot is on Golden Gate Avenue to the west of Van Ness.

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Open 24 Hours

Use this parking garage on a day of Rock N Roll San Francisco half marathon. Hours of operation was convenient. Easy place to find.
- Happy runner on 03/31/2015

Great. Safe. Organized.
- nrun on 03/30/2015

Great customer service!!! Alberto was awesome at helping me find a spot at 4am! And when I came back they super nice asking me how was my marathon!!!
- Soraya on 03/30/2015

While it was 4:30am, the parking experience with valet service was quick and easy.
- dans1950 on 03/30/2015

it was so convenient to park her and run the rock and roll half marathon yesterday!
- mike on 03/30/2015

Great experience. Very efficient
- Nir on 03/30/2015

Parking was easy to find and great location to the finish line.
- Ro on 03/30/2015

Excellent location and the employees were professional and friendly.
- Jim on 03/30/2015

Easy in, easy out. Courteous valets, and very close to the opera house.
- balletfan on 03/02/2015

Great experience, very professional!
- KFlo on 01/13/2015

i was surprised at how nice a facility this is. The staff was helpful & the entrance area was clean and bright. A review I had read said the entrance was at 601 Van Ness, - the address of the garage. Regretfully, this is not so. If approaching frm the north w/ the garage on yr right, take the right just BEFORE Max's Opera restaurant. Just a little way up on your left is the valet park entrance. This is the bldg known as Opera Plaza and/or Opera Plaza Garage. I will definitely use this garage again.
- bb0314 on 12/11/2014

This parking experience was absolutely perfect - convenient and courteous!
- SFS Subscriber on 12/07/2014

This is the second time within a month I have parked at this parking garage. So close to the War Memorial,Bookstores and restaurants. Loved paying online before heading into the city.The staff has been attentive and helpful.
- opera nut on 12/03/2014

A piece of cake. Reserved parking online. Paid by credit card. Nothing to it....except it's a little misleading to say the garage is on Van Ness. Its entrance is on Turk. I went around the block twice to get it figured out.
- Mimi on 12/01/2014

It worked seamlessly - was grateful not to have to worry about parking on the way into the Sumphony
- Dick on 12/01/2014

Very convenient, the parking attendants were very courteous. Prearranged parking relieves stress. Suggest verifying route to and nuances of park location with maps etc., if parking in dense busy City.
- Rey Rex on 11/28/2014

It's close to opera hall and performing arts. The attendants were very courteous.
- VJ on 11/27/2014

Reliable and safe.
- Optimist on 11/19/2014

Great location for any civic center event. Definitely will use again. Booking the day ahead through GottaPark saved me 2/3 of the event day rate that was being charged for folks who did not have a reservation. Awesome! Thanks GottaPark!
- LM on 11/03/2014

As before, I found the service impeccable!
- Ed on 09/15/2014

Friendly and courteous
- Epic on 08/26/2014

very well runstaff and quick handling of the parking
- Ralph on 08/18/2014

Excellent and convenient location for the Opera House. Easy and quick check in and out. The employees were courteous and efficient At check out though there was only on person on duty to handle the rush at 10:30 so there was a bit of a wait. I would use the service again.
- J.E. on 07/10/2014

Worked fine on a sold out day.
- CSK on 06/30/2014

Having a reserved space near SF Opera on Gay Pride Parade Sunday, with Civic Center garage closed, was a great stress reducer.
- SeniorMarin on 06/30/2014

Easy and convenient
- Summer on 06/22/2014

Seamless! Arrive early for Max's Deli before the Opera, leave the car with no worries. Pick up later, good crew, courteous, quick even with the crowd. Well done!
- operabuff on 06/20/2014

It was pretty easy. My husband is handicapped, and I have to deal with a wheel chair. The attendant parked the car and retrieved it.
- marty on 06/20/2014

Truthfully I was "blown away" by the gracious service I received both in parking and in retrieving my vehicle. It was fast and courteous. I highly recommend this facility and its staff.
- schoonwake on 06/19/2014

The valet staff were very responsive and parked my car on seeing the printed copy of the parking request. When I collected the car the next day, the valet drove my car for me on producing the valet receipt issued to me the day before. When I asked for some clarification, he was ready to give me an answer. The staff were always smiling and courteous. Good work!
- atla58 on 06/17/2014

Very positive experience. All went as smoothly as possible. I highly recommend the location if you're attending the opera or the symphony!
- ShowboatSeer on 06/14/2014

Fast and easy parking for a great price right next to the ballet and plenty of awesome nearby restuarants. Valet staff were friendly and efficient.
- Meiks on 05/11/2014

Excellent service, quick and easy to get in and out
- JR on 05/10/2014

Great location, excellent customer service, thanks
- slick on 04/18/2014

Parking attendants are very friendly and helpful!
- Theresa on 04/18/2014

Great place
- Duckie on 04/09/2014

Nice and very friendly. Felt safe at 4:30am. Will definitely use again!
- Jmac on 04/08/2014

Good instructions on how to get there and where to enter. Service was prompt and cheerful at both ends. Prepay is great. It was expensive, but needed at the time.
- Angie on 04/07/2014

Parking was very quick and easy! I arrived at 5:00 a.m. and was able to obtain a spot on the first level.
- Runnerjoanie on 04/07/2014

Easy in / out of the garage. A lot of attendants to direct you to a free space. Made it very simple to get parked to head to our event.
- Ky on 04/07/2014

Good experience. It was a valet only garage, but not many delays in dropping the car off or picking it up. Pick-up traffic was lite. There were only 2 others ahead of me. Not sure how that would work if the amount of customers waiting was greater.
- Divotdog on 04/07/2014

Perfect location, well-placed signage, quick-easy in'n out. The attendants and staff were very nice and professional, too. Highly recommended parking facility and thought it was worth the price, though it seemed too expensive at first.
- SFRockNRoller on 04/07/2014

Easy, lost of attendants,
- Parking on 04/07/2014

A very smooth experience considering it was very early Sunday morning. There were attendants on duty to guide us in and to a space--and they were all very cordial, including the guy taking our reservation printouts on the way out. Less stressful compared to parking at the SF Marathon in July.
- runningdawg on 04/07/2014

It was great! The attendants were helpful and friendly, wished me good morning, even though it was 4:30am! The garage and surrounding area felt safe and it was an easy walk to the Civic Center.
- runner on 04/07/2014

Parked here for the SF Rock and Roll Half. Parking was fast and easy to get in and get out when we left. Didn't use the valet service.
- Dawn on 04/07/2014

Flawless. No problems whatsoever. Courteous staff, fast service. Good value.
- MaverickFan on 04/01/2014

Flawless...convenient, safe and friendly service. a+++
- Gr8webdiva on 03/30/2014

I was a little worried when I first arrived at the parking garage. The lot was "full" With cars out to the street and a guy in front of me giving me the no go on parking at this location. Thankfully I did reserve a spot ahead of time on GottaPark and I was accepted because of my reservation. The attendants were very nice and I had literally no problems dropping off or picking up my car.
- H8 CityParking on 03/14/2014

Easy, convenient, fast. Parked here to go to Dinner and symphony - prefect!
- 1234 on 02/24/2014

It was wonderful. No hassle. I drove in and handed the keys to the valet. The pick up was quick and hassle free. Well worth the fee.
- Raine on 01/13/2014

Short distance to the opera house. Nice service.
- Luckycharm on 01/12/2014

Great service, attendants parked the car, Clean parking garage,
- opera house ja on 01/12/2014

City Park's staff met us within moments of arriving in the ramp, gave us our ticket and we were off The facility was Two blocks from our destination, an easy walk I appreciated knowing I had a definite parking space, particularly as I was driving on from out if town v
- Rev Alice on 01/12/2014

I paid in advance to attend an opera in San Francisco. The attendant was friendly. When I picked up my car afterwards, the service was fast and friendly. The car is parked inside their garage so I have no fears of my car being broken into while I am attending the opera.
- tkjue on 01/10/2014

It was by far, the best parking option I have used in the City.
- Hardball on 01/09/2014

The attendants were very nice, very clean facility, very helpful Takes the hassle of wondering where you will be able to park, and extremely close to where I needed to go
- felinelvvr on 01/08/2014

The parking attendants were polite and recognized my reciept. The car pick up was fast and easy and the waiting area was nicely decorated, well lite and pleasant. All in all a great experience and a good value. We'll use it regularily when going to shows in the city.
- Kati on 12/26/2013

Excellent service and attitude from everyone we met!
- Lulu on 12/19/2013

Very good place to park. We arrived late, and were in a hurry, and the valets got us in and out very quickly... Same thing at the end of the night.... Garage was kind of hard to find, but that was due more to my being unfamiliar with the area... I highly recommend this site...
- Phuxdelux on 12/16/2013

This was easy and a good price for the location/time -- very nice service, much recommended.
- cestjill on 12/14/2013

Convenient spot, with valet
- Bigrugbymike on 12/14/2013

Great location. Easy access from Turk or Golden Gate. We walked to the Orpheum and back. Friendly and efficient valet. Will use this service again!
- City Night Out on 12/13/2013

Great experience. No stress whatsoever. Almost too easy. Best parking experience I've had in San Fran.
- cageychris on 12/09/2013

The entrance is on Golden Gate but otherwise it was not hard to find. You have to walk a few blocks to get to the Bill Graham but the area is well lit and there were a lot of people out so it felt safe. They valet park your car so there was a short wait for the car after the show but not bad. I would park here again.
- Rdg4 on 12/09/2013

The parking was safe close to Symphony Hall and easy to find.
- mel on 12/06/2013

Parking was easy to find. Attendent was polite and friendly. No hassel to find a parking slot, just dropped off the car when I entered the garage and head to the show. No waiting to pick up the car on my return.
- Marsha on 12/05/2013

When we returned from the symphony, we had to remind the valet that we had prepaid, other than that it was all good.
- sfnative21 on 12/05/2013

A bit hard to find the entrance, but when I did it, it was perfect! Great customer service! Will use again and highly recomend it.
- newtotown on 11/27/2013

Parking was very convenient. Staff was courteous and helpful.
- Batgrrl on 11/20/2013

The lot was very easy to access, they took my car and off I went - the Orpheum Theater was just a few short blocks away - and nice to be able to leave my car all day! I definitely recommend this location and the internet experience.
- Pat on 10/28/2013

Smooth and efficient
- Alan M Eisner on 10/26/2013

Outstanding service, clean, excellent location. I will no longer drive to San Francisco with using your service. Best Idea Ever!!!
- Kai on 10/24/2013

Parking was easy to find and very convenient. I will not go to the city for entertainment without reserving parking again. This is truly a brilliant idea. Thank you.
- missi on 10/07/2013

Very good place to park. The staff, both when I dropped off the car and when I picked it up, were very friendly, quick, and efficient. It was in a very good area. I am a 21 year old female college student and was going to a concert at the Independent alone, so it was about a 20 minute walk to the venue, but I felt very safe in the neighborhoods walking alone. The attendents also helped answer any questions I had about parking, hours, or catching a cab back from the venue so I would not have to walk alone at night. Highly recommend!
- Dani on 09/18/2013

City Park is a very nice garage and the attendant was very professional. I would definitely park here again when in the Civic Center area.
- Angela on 08/09/2013

It was fast, easy and convenient to park here and the staff was professional and courteous. It was a very good experience.
- Thebrown7 on 07/29/2013

Valet and a reservation ahead of time was great. GPS/Mapquest guided us right to the spot.
- HATE2PARK-BUT on 05/18/2013

Owing to my familys' inability to be on time, I had left my reservation sheet with me. City Park, was prefectly accommodating, they checked the computer and found my reservation. Also, the drop off and pickup was so easy, and pleasant. It will be my park of preference, in that area.
- perrysmithca on 05/18/2013

My overall experience with the location was positive. The entrance was hard to find, because building's address is as listed, but the actual parking entrance is on Golden Gate Ave, so we had to circle around to get in. Once inside, there was a valet that gave us a ticket and told us to leave the keys inside the car. When we returned from our event that evening, I gave the kiosk person our ticket with the GottaPark receipt, and the valet person got our car out quickly. It was a pretty good experience besides having to search for the entrance.
- Addison on 03/26/2013

Very clean and the attendants were very nice and helpful.
- Mary Jo Cetani on 01/30/2013

Nice garage, good service. A bit of a long walk to the Orpheum Theater, but will certainly use this garage again if we need a place in this area.
- Robert Parks on 01/28/2013

Nice, safe parking. Attendant was courteous and accommodating as my kids & I were running a bit late to our dinner reservation so he attended to us and valet our car. Great service.
- Vkster on 12/21/2012

it was quick and good.
- vbee on 12/20/2012

It was crowded because of the Christmas meal delivery event but the guys waiting on us and taking the cars were cool, calm and courteous. And the same when we returned. A good price too.
- Dedo on 12/15/2012

The parking garage was conveniently located for the SF Symphony. The entrance, though is not on Van Ness, but on Golden Gate Ave (the cross street).
- Marie on 12/14/2012

The parking was easy to find and the site was clean and secure. The valet option is quite nice and allows for quickly getting to your event.
- CD Brooks on 12/03/2012

It was very smooth. Valet Parking only here. Very nice attendants.
- ADAMS5048 on 06/18/2012

Close to Opera House. The actual access to the parking lot is on Goldent Gate AVE. Just before Van Ness.
- FJB on 11/16/2011

My daughter and her friends parked to go to a concert at the Civic Auditorium and said it was great! She said they felt safe, the garage was closet the venue, the attendant was nic, and the valet parking was great!
- pjstef on 09/18/2011

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