Get Ready to Rock San Francisco! The Transamerica Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon is this Weekend, and We Have Four Tips For Getting to the Start Line

For the second year in a row, GottaPark is providing parking reservations for runners and spectators of the San Francisco Rock n Roll Half Marathon…


Below are some quick tips to help you navigate the city on race day, Sunday 3/29/15. For additional information, consult the official RnR Half Marathon Transportation Guide (pdf).

1) Arrive Early:

Thousands of people are expected to run the race, and many more are expected to come out to watch. Racers are encouraged to park near shuttle stops at Civic Center and Fisherman’s Wharf, and ride these shuttles to the start line at Ocean Beach. There is also a spectator shuttle from Civic Center to the start line. Click here for detailed info.

Please keep in mind that everyone is arriving at the same time! Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to park, walk to the shuttle, and take the shuttle to the start line with several thousand of your closest friends.

2) Reserve Parking:

A parking reservation is strongly encouraged to help you find a place to put your car. GottaPark has several reasonably priced parking options close to the start line. Be sure to arrive early even if you have a parking reservation. Click here to view our parking options.

3) Keep an Eye Out for Road Closures:

Most roads will not be closed until 5:30 AM on race day,  and by that time runners should be on their way to the start line on shuttles. Still, watch out for street closures around Civic Center and on Great Highway as early as Saturday morning through Saturday night. If you’re a late comer, or are dropping someone off at the start line, plan your route carefully to avoid getting stuck in traffic! View a complete list of road closures here (pdf).

4) Check Out This Event Map:

The RnR website has a handy race map available on their website, which should help you to avoid the more congested areas around the route. Click here to view (pdf).

5) Have Fun!

You’ve worked hard getting ready for this race, so don’t stress too much about the logistics of getting there. Be sure to enjoy yourself and have a successful and healthy run!


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  29. Pero Piluquis!! Que ilu verte por CocotteMinute! Con ese salero que tu tienes, esta receta la bordas! De verdad, esta tirada y es super pintona!! A la peque le va a encantar cuando crezca un poco, ja, ja! Os mando un bs muy fuerte a los 3!! Cocotte.

  30. Just the mention that the US would even consider torturing people breaks my heart. We are better people than that. When we allow something like torture we have become the very ones we have always fought against over the years of history.

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