Don’t Be These Guys: Mother and Son Guilty of Felony in SF Handicapped Parking Case

In a bizarre case, the DMV put handicapped parking violators on notice–and dished out some sweet, sweet justice

San Francisco Handicapped Parking

Last week, a San Francisco mother and her grown son plead guilty to felony forgery after they were caught fraudulently using handicapped parking placards. According to CBS San Francisco, the pair will serve 1,000 hours of community service helping the disabled, pay a $4,100 fine, and serve 3 years probation.

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2014 NFL Season Preview

The NFL season is rapidly approaching. Across the country, fans are looking forward with anticipation (or in some cases, dread) to their team’s first game. We have parking coverage for 13 NFL teams at 12 different stadiums, with more lots being added every day. Here is a short preview of each of these team’s prospects in the 2014 NFL season.

2014 NFL Season
Courtesy of Parker Anderson

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals went 10-6 last year—and missed the playoffs. Playing in the NFC West should be tough again this season, but with new additions at receiver and a solid defense that was ranked 1st last year against the run game, Arizona has reasons to be excited about 2014. The main fear is that losing inside linebacker Daryl Washington to drug policy violations may make a repeat of this performance difficult.

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Giants-Dodgers Rivalry Heating up in 2014

The Giants and Dodgers will meet at AT&T Park this weekend in the midst of a neck-and-neck race for first place in the NL West. Here’s a look at their seasons so far:

San Francisco Giants

Giants-Dodgers rivalry
Tim Lincecum’s no-hitter was an exciting moment for Giants fans in 2014.
Photo courtesy of Nathanael Hevelone.

The Giants started 2014 on a tear, racking up wins behind hot bats and solid pitching. They struggled through the month of June, however, and dropped 19 out of 26 games starting June 9th. The biggest culprit was power hitting. The Giants averaged more than one homerun per game before their slump, but hit only 17 in the 32 games leading up to the all star break. Giants fans, however, can be cautiously optimistic after an offensively solid series in Miami to start the second half.

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Three Fun Facts About the San Francisco Marathon

GottaPark is the official reservations provider for SF Marathon parking. The race is only a week and a half away! Here are some interesting facts about the marathon to get you excited.

SF Marathon Parking
A rare chance to run across the Golden Gate Bridge roadway is one of the more exciting parts of the SF Marathon for participants. This photo depicts a segment of the recent Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, which also crosses the bridge.
Photo courtesy of David Yu

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The 2014 San Francisco Giants: A Midseason Analysis

SF Giants parking is one of the most popular items on our site. Here’s an analysis of how things are going in McCovey Cove as we head into the 2014 All Star break.

The Giants started this year with a bang. For several weeks in May, they were practically unbeatable, and held baseball’s best winning percentage for a while. They are maintaining strong position for contention, and thanks to their stellar April and May, still hold the fourth best record in the National League as of July 9th.

But the first half of the season hasn’t been without trouble for San Francisco. Since the 9th of June, the Giants went 7-19, allowing their rival the Dodgers to capture first place for the first time since the first week of the season.

Some ye-of-little-faith types are already throwing in the towel, certain that this June swoon augers doom for SF’s ball club. My how short our memories are of the 2012 playoff season?

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The Monkey Parking Business and Parking Monkey Business: Let’s Weigh in on the Street Parking Debate

A lot is being said about several apps that allow people to list public parking spaces. What’s going on?

Monkey Parking
“Hey, give me $5 and I’ll move my chair”

“Isn’t holding that space illegal?”

“No, I’m only giving you information!”

Photo courtesy of Derek Bridges

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Five Interesting Facts About SF Pride!

SF Pride is this weekend! Every year, San Francisco hosts the largest and most iconic pride event in the country. Here are a few interesting tidbits to get you excited for the celebration.

SF Pride

The SF Pride website describes it as “the largest gathering of LGBT people and allies in the nation.”

And they are probably right. Last year, an estimated 1.5 million people attended the celebration. To put that in perspective, about a million people gathered in downtown SF for the Giants victory parade in 2012. One might ask: who is really the most popular team in town?

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Should Disabled Parking in San Francisco Cost Money?

SFMTA considering controversial new rules for drivers with disabled placards

Disabled Parking in San Francisco
Image courtesy of Neil Conway

SFGate reported this weekend that the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency is looking at the possibility of charging drivers with disabled placards for parking. Currently, disabled parking in San Francisco is free on city streets and in city garages.

Sounds atrocious right? Not so, says disabled advocate Bob Planthold. “I’ve changed my mind…all of us, advocates and disabled, changed our minds,” he told SF Gate after reading a study conducted by the SFMTA.

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Parking Pain: Temporary No Parking Signs Abused in San Francisco?

San Francisco temporary no parking sign
Image courtesy of Darwin Bell.

Parking in San Francisco is difficult. Is this news to anyone?

It certainly isn’t to residents of the Richmond District, whose streets near 26th and California have been the site of controversy recently. Some say they have been taken over by an endless procession of construction vehicles taking street parking spaces away from local residents.

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3 Fun Facts About North Beach in Anticipation of the North Beach Festival

The North Beach Festival is this weekend! Just because, here are 3 fun facts about the neighborhood that you might not know (and one not-so-fun fact)

North Beach Festival
Photo courtesy of Dominic Simpson

1) Once, North Beach was actually a beach

If you’ve ever wondered how it got the name, it’s actually quite simple. Up until the later 19th century, San Francisco only extended about as far north as Francisco Street. Over time, abandoned boat hulls and other landfill came together to form the coastline we are more familiar with today, which leaves North Beach slightly inland. To put things in perspective, from the intersection of Francisco and Taylor, historically the farthest-north extent of land, it is about 4 ½ blocks to Pier 39. Continue reading