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Least Surprising Thing Ever Award Goes to SFMTA Survey: SF Residents Mixed on Opinions of Muni, but Love to Hate Taxis

San Franciscans can’t agree on anything. A recent SFMTA poll is a good example of this phenomenon, with one major exception.

taxis in San FranciscoIf you’ve been to San Francisco, you know that everyone has a strong opinion on just about everything. But some of the strongest opinions San Franciscans hold are related to transit. Perhaps it’s the city’s famous hills, or maybe it’s the fact that large parts of town are seriously underserved by public transit—whatever the reason, San Franciscans spend a lot of time thinking—and arguing—about the best way to get from A to B.

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San Francisco Parking Ticket Numbers Will Make You Think Twice About Street Parking

Every year, the SFMTA comes out with a list of statistics on parking tickets. First reported on by David LaBua at 7×7 SF, this year’s report is bad news for drivers in the city who prefer street parking.

San Francisco parking ticket
Expired meters were only the second-most-common violation of 2012-2013. The most common? Street sweeping violations.
Photo courtesy of torbakhopper.

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