2014 Berkeley Half Marathon Street Closures

GottaPark is the official parking reservations provider of the Berkeley Half Marathon. In order to help our customers access their reserved parking spots easily on the morning of the race, we’ve created the 2014 Berkeley Half Marathon street closures map below, as well as several travel tips.

For a complete list of closed streets throughout Berkeley, please visit the half marathon’s website. As always, if you have any questions about your parking reservation, please contact us at support@gottapark.com Have fun at the race everyone!

2014 Berkeley Half Marathon Street Closures
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Race Day Travel Tips

  1. Plan to arrive well before your scheduled start time. Thousands are expected in downtown Berkeley on the morning of the race, so there will be traffic!
  2. Consider traveling before 7:30am. Though it may be early, once the first wave of runners starts at 8:00am, traffic is going to get a whole lot worse. You don’t want to show up for your heat stressed out, or worse, miss it entirely because of traffic! If you plan to travel after 7:30, be sure to allow yourself even more time than you think you’ll need.
  3. Have your GottaPark receipt ready before you arrive. You can print your receipt or show it on your phone, but be sure it’s readily accessible when you pull up to the garage. This will speed up the whole process.

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